Students feedback

I have participated in the Litomysl violin masterclass several times. Last time was the summer of 2008. It is a great course in a beautiful location, and everytime I go back home with a lot of inspiration from the 3 weeks of intensive practice and learning. I would recommend everybody to go!
Monika Malmquist Larsen
Royal Danish Academy of Music

Generally speaking I had a wonderful time in Litomysl, I learned a lot and it was the most fun I've ever had at a summer program! The atmosphere was very good there, as it was high-level and intense without ever getting competitive or unpleasant. The people at the Zakladni umelecka skola were all very nice and I just love the town of Litomysl!! I must say again, I had a GREAT time at Litomysl and hope to be back there for the 2009 edition!!! :)
Mara Gerety

I participated Litomysl violin master class for two summers in the past: 2002 and 2003. Over the 3 weeks of the course, I was able to work on my repertoire intensively. I received lessons every other day at the castle for the first two weeks of the course with Milan Vitek, who is a great teacher. The last week, we toured around small villages in the Czech Republic and played for many people who were very enthusiastic about our music. Everyone who participated in the course improved a lot, both technically and musically. Also, the family-oriented atmosphere provided many memorable experiences.
Min Younkg Baek - South Korea
Oberlin College Conservatory of Music
The Juilliard School

I attended the Litomysl Violin Master Classes in 2004 and 2006. And I can honestly say, that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had in comparison with other music camps and master classes I have attended. The whole course is really well-organized and the content and program of the events is well done. Students get lessons three times a week, which is fantastic. Accomodation is also very nice.
There are also some great opportunities to play in several concerts in Litomysl and environs, and since the camp doesn't have that many students, you get to play quite often. In general Litomysl Violin Course is simply the best.
Josef Spacek - Czech Republic
The Academy of Music, Prague, Czech Republic
The Curtis Institute of Music, USA

The first thing that comes to mind about Prof. Vitek's masterclass in Litomysl, is that I should have participated much sooner. I benefitted enormously from these 3 intense weeks, where the remarkably friendly atmosphere, the beautiful town of Litomysl, and the superb teaching is worth every second. I had so much fun, got so inspired and learned so much. I hope to do it again soon!
Michael Pesek - Denmark
The Royal Danish Academy of Music

A most beneficial masterclass in a very hospitable, lively and romantic city with great food, a lot of sight-seeing opportunities and warm audiences. Highly organised, intense violin lessons, great concert opportunities and a big challenge for players of table tennis!
Eftychia Talakoudi - Greece
Tesaloniky Symphony orchestra

The Litomysl Violin Masterclasses is the best summer course I've ever been to. Not only is the organisation good, but what makes it great are the little extra details the organisation provides, like a free CD recording of your own recitals. The lessons and concert tour were exiting and of the best quality. Good food in Czech restaurants and good company made the summer master class in Litomysl a fulfilling experience!
Nina Soderberg - Sweden
Gothenburg University Music Dpt.

I participated the masterclass in 2000, and it was definitely one of the most memorable summer camps I've ever taken. The other participants were very nice, and passionate about learning, the staff, and of course Mr. Vitek, did much to help us have the most productive time while we were there. It was rather a small masterclass for a very limited number of students, and that was also fantastic because each of us had more opportunities to perform and get a lot of attention from the teacher, whereas in other big summer classes you have to struggle to have one single opportunity to perform. I think the overall organization was very excellent and I do recommend that my friends go to this masterclass. I thank you for your great work
Sunho Kim - South Korea
New World Symphony, Florida, USA

I attended the master class as a student in the first two years and since then I haven't missed a single year to visit professor Milan Vi­tek in the city of Litomysl. Litomysl is to me an attraction on its own. It has a rich history, where music played an important part, which can be said even about the present-day city. It has an unforgettable and positive atmosphere that you experience whenever you come back. Of course, it is also due to the people who organize the courses; they act as a great team, always ready to solve no matter how small problem, with a smile on their faces.Concerning the artistic value of the courses, the master class is really an outstanding event. The true mission here is to attend lessons given by a great teacher, who is willing and able to help you on your artistic path and to meet colleagues and discuss music and many other things with them. I do not know a better place where to do all this than in Milan Vi­tek's studio at the master class in Litomysl.
Vaclav Dvorak - Czech Republic
The Academy of Music, Prague, Czech Republic

Milan Vi­tek's Masterclass is something really outstanding: It is a unique combination of the great teaching skills of professor Vitek (the lessons are wonderful, I was always looking forward to the next one, which is really important, because then you are able to play well), but also an exceptional environment in which the courses take place; in the charming atmosphere of the historic city it feels like a dream when you are allowed to have your violin lessons in the hall of a castle!. Also the course management is very professional. Everybody is very friendly and kind. The concerts in the last week of the courses provide great motivation for all the students. During my first time there, I had a chance to perform several times over a three-week period. If I had a chance, I would love to take part in the Masterclass again.
Tereza Privratska - Czech Republic
The Royal Academy of Music,London, UK

I learned a lot from the classes and felt inspired and full of energy once I came back home. It was just what I needed to keep my spirits up and to continue developing as a violinist...and it was great to spend three weeks at a master class where everything was organized and planned in advance.
Helena Hojgaard Nielsen
The Royal Danish Symphony Orchestra

I think it is fantastic! The lessons with Professor Vitek, the food, the hostel, the place to study, the castle, the concerts... everything is great there. I've learned a lot during the camp and I made some good friends. I think that is an important thing for a summer course, to get on well with everybody, to have a good atmosphere. Another great thing is that we have a lot of concerts in the last week. This is in my opinion very important, and you don't have the chance to do it in many courses (at least not as much as in Litomysl course). I think it is great! I'm definitely going again this year!
Pedro Rodríguez Rodríguez

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