Students may opt to sign up for housing in modern dormitories located at the castle when signing up for the class. Please note that this reservation must be made at the time of signing up and cannot be made separately later. The number of single and double rooms is limited and reservations are subject to availability on a first-come, first-serve basis..

Housing in a single occupancy room at hotel: 50 Euro per night.
Housing in a single occupancy room at hostel: 25 Euro per night. (2 room limit)
Housing in a double occupancy room at hostel: 20 Euro per night. (2 room limit)
Housing in a triple occupancy room at hostel: 15 Euro per night.
Housing in a quadruple occupancy room at hostel: 10 Euro per night (on two floors).

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internatStudents are free to make their own housing arrangements if they do not wish to reside in the student dormitories. For housing options, please visit the bed and breakfast and hotel links provided in the information section of this website. Program staff will assist you with privately made arrangements.

ubytovaniThe hostel at the castle has a cafeteria in the lobby where coffee and pastries can be purchased for breakfast. Litomysl has a large number of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines at a wide range of prices. Students will also be provided with a list of local restaurants that serve prix fixe menus at prices between 100-130 Kc, but are otherwise free to make their own arrangements. Groceries can also be purchased at supermarkets in town, but please note that there are no cooking and limited refrigeration facilities at the hostel.


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